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Thoughts:  liked how active the lesson is and how well it included so much active stuff for the kids.  It is a great level of participation.  

I just wanted to add to my lesson the idea that fasting for children is often a process.  I really try to make fasting a positive experience for kids.  When I am teaching this lesson I want to emphasize that children will probably not start out fasting for 24 hours when they turn 8.  I like the idea of gradually building children up to a full adult fast.  I also want to mention to the children that some people have health problems that prevent them from fasting.  For example- moms who are pregnant, or are nursing a baby.  

I think that often in my life I felt I defined fasting too narrowly, that fasting is a privilege and an opportunity to focus in prayer.  And that if we are sick or have a heath problem that it is possible to teach alternative aspects of fasting and prayer that are powerful.  God knows our hearts.  And even in the OT, it was allowed to make scarifies of less expensive animals if one was poor.  Mary and Joseph when they presented a doves and not a bull.  It was even allowed for the very poor to offer flour as a sin sacrifice.  

I just wanted to frame this lesson in a positive light, because fasting can be a very negative experience for so many people for the rest of their lives because of how it is taught and talked about, and I think that it is not necessary.




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