Robert J. Sternberg from Yale wrote a wonderful book about Successful Intelligence.  I think every parent and teacher should read this book.  Dr Sternberg has done massive amounts of research on intelligence.  He defines successful intelligence as combination of analytical, creative, and practical intelligence.  He also defines each type of intelligence.  He discusses the limitations of standardized testing and how we as a society should improve our ability to distinguish what people will truly be successful in school or occupation.  And to not limit our abilities by an IQ test or preconceived ideas of what counts as intelligence.

He concludes with 20 characteristics of successfully intelligent people.

  1. motivate themselves
  2. learn to control their impulses
  3. know when to persevere
  4. make the most of their abilities
  5. translate thought into action
  6. Have a product orientation
  7. complete tasks and follow through
  8. are initiator
  9. not afraid to risk failure
  10. don’t procrastinate
  11. accept fair blame
  12. reject self-pity
  13. independent
  14. surmount personal difficulty
  15. focus and achieve goals
  16. don’t spread themselves too thin or too thick
  17. delay gratification
  18. Can see the forest and the trees
  19. reasonable amount of self-confidence
  20. balance analytical, creative, and practical thinking

Khan Academy

This is an amazing video about Math and Science education.  I have been using it for about a month and it is quite good.  It is even fun in a math kind of way.  The practice maps are great.  I am doing math by choice at night 🙂  It is amazing for closing gaps in a person’s math education but, it also goes through science and history lessons.


This is a really amazing math program. The aim of jump math is :

JUMP Math believes that all children can be led to think mathematically, and that with even a modest amount of attention every child will flourish. By demonstrating that even children who are failing math or who are labeled as slow learners can excel at math, we hope to dispel the myths that currently prevail. We offer educators and parents complete and balanced materials as well as training to help them reach all students.

JUMP Math is a numeracy program started in 1998 by mathematician, author and award-winning playwright John Mighton. We are a federally registered charitable organization based in Toronto, Canada.

My children do really well in this program.  The things I love about it are:

  • its affordable
  • its easy to do multiple children at a time
  • its basic and mind expanding all at the same time
  • it works with any other math program that your child may use at school
  • it pretty fun

Here is a New York Times article about JUMP math



I have been thinking for a few years about how do I educate my children to be who they need to be when they grow up. I have been concerned with the lack of  balance  with creativity and structure.  And so I read a lot, and I try to find what I think is the best. So some of my posts will be about what I think is important and what I have found for teaching my own children.